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Pietà Rondanini in mostra

Milano - 2 Maggio / 31 Luglio
15 Jul

Highlights Event 2018

Rondanini Pieta by Michelangelo
Castello Sforzesco
Milan May 2 to July 31


The new museum (admission free last hour of opening), made in the ancient Spanish Hospital of Sforza Castle, in a charming space never open to the public before, is dedicated to the last masterpiece of Michelangelo. The Old Hospital was built for the soldiers of the Spanish garrison of the Castle in the second half of ‘500, a few years after the time when Michelangelo was working in Rome at the Pietà Rondanini.

Far unfinished masterpiece and final creation of the master, the Pietà is a work dramatically singular, with a sense that transcends beauty as an expression of the human heart contains a single block of marble the figures of Christ and the Virgin, almost merged into a single embrace. A visitor of the new Museum of the Pieta Rondanini can almost seem that the Pieta and the rooms of the Spanish Hospital were confident each time.

For centuries, however, the last masterpiece of the artist has moved from one place to another, almost forgotten, until in 1952 the sculpture was purchased by the City of Milan, displayed in 1956 at the reopening of the Castle Museums after World War II. Exceptional work in the production of Michelangelo’s Pieta Rondanini is the spiritual testament of the teacher, intent to sculpt the features until a few days before his death, which occurred in 1564.

The unfinished work was found in his home in Rome, but he then lost track for many years, until it reappeared at the home of the Marquis Giuseppe Rondinini (this is the correct name), a refined collector Roman. From there he lived a long succession of changes of ownership to find just the right today, complete enhancement, through the creation of a new museum dedicated entirely, in which emerges strongly its iconic power and dramatic.